Our camps are designed to provide a safe, structured but most importantly fun day for children with special needs!

We make sure our days are full of “teachable moments” by planning trips to grocery stores, parks, movies and more! Our trained and enthusiastic staff work hard to make sure your child enjoys their time off of school while still learning valuable social, play and community skills.

Our camps are customizable to fit you and your families needs. Choose 2:1 or 1:1 staff support, sign up for the whole week or just a few days and let us know if you would like additional Speech or Occupational services during the week.

Visit our calendar to see our next camp date!

A Day in the Life of an MBC Camper!

 Arrival: Campers are welcomed with warm smiles, from our friendly staff! Campers are encouraged to build their independent skills by following a schedule to unpack, requesting and using the bathroom if needed, and checking their daily schedule.

Morning Meeting: Morning Meeting is a time to sing hello and welcome friends, talk about the calendar and give a weather report. A social story is read so that all our campers are excited and ready for the day!

Community Outings: Our campers have fun in the community while practicing their safety skills, such as crossing streets and walking appropriately with a partner. Trips to the grocery store promote teamwork, and going to the park sharpens play and social skills!

Snack & Lunch: Snack and lunch are times to take a break, replenish, and work on various social and verbal skills such as sharing, requesting and commenting with friends. [Lunch are provided by parents.]

Leisure Skills: Campers are given the opportunity to strengthen their leisure, play, and social skills, independently and with peers. Campers choose from various activities: Books, puzzles, indoor toys, the play ground (weather permitting), and board games; just to name a few!

Field Trips: It wouldn’t be camp if we didn’t go on field trips! Our campers utilize the NYC transit system to visit museums, zoos, movie theaters, puppet shows, and so much more!

Group Lessons: Our group lessons include: Cooking, yoga, reading, art, music and more. Each camp is uniquely themed to spark our campers’ creativity, and to help our campers engage in the group activity.

Pack Up/Dismissal: At the end of the day campers say goodbye to friends and instructors, and complete a home note to share with their parents and recap on their day!