All children have different needs, respond to different stimuli, and learn in different ways. Unlike many other after-school programs that scale down activities for typically developing children, The Manhattan Behavioral Center builds each enrichment class from the ground up, creating individually tailored programs. We offer 2:1 and 1:1 support to give all children with special needs the opportunity to participate in non-competitive, skill expanding and fun activities in a small group setting. Our classes are led by highly trained and enthusiastic staff who have expertise in each activity. All MBC classes are open to the public.

Let The Manhattan Behavioral Center help your child develop flexibility, structure and coordination for a happy, balanced and healthy lifestyle with our new Enrichment Classes!



Our Music Director Roaine Fine holds a Masters of Arts in Music Education, and is General and Special Education certified. Through music, students will follow group directions and work on interpersonal skills, whether it be by singing along, dancing, or playing a new instrument. Roaine is also available for 1:1 music and piano lessons! Please contact for more information and make sure to visit Roaine’s website to learn more about our amazing music teacher!



This once a week class is led by Maestro Roaine who folds songs and stories into the mix with delicious results! Have your child join us on our weekly trip to the grocery store where we buy the ingredients for that days recipe and create a gourmet masterpiece in our fully equipped kitchen! Community outings, music and cooking all wrapped into one!



Take a deep breath and journey to our yoga adventure!  MBC’s yoga class is guided by storytelling, games, imaginative play, and music. Calming activities incorporate breathing, strength exercises, and a plethora of poses that promote focus and flexibility. Students engage with each other, learning to use their bodies in safe and relaxing ways. What better way to integrate literacy and health than with MBC’s “Namaste & Play”?


Soccer with Jason!

Join us for this heart pumping and fun class with the incredible soccer coach Jason! Our goal is to build gross motor skills and physical endurance all while having fun with friends. Goal!


 Karate with Kicking The Spectrum!

Kicking The Spectrum® brings us a martial arts program developed to teach and motivate students with special needs. This innovative program incorporates fitness and wellness into the fundamentals of Japanese Shotokan Karate. Kicking The Spectrum® strives to improve each child’s physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being by increasing their overall social abilities and helping them expand beyond their limitations!